When a person dies their estate needs to be settled in an orderly and effective fashion. How it is settled depends on the type of planning that the decedent implemented while alive, the type of assets involved, and how title to the assets was held at the time of death. Either way competent legal guidance is needed.

If a trust is involved, the successor trustee needs competent legal assistance and guidance to implement the steps involved in trust administration. We provide comprehensive trust administration legal services and draft administration documents; we contact creditors, appraisers, beneficiaries, heirs and governmental agencies; as well as answer legal and tax issues, and distribute assets properly.

If a probate is involved, such as with administering a will, then a court becomes involved. We assist from beginning to end in the court supervised process: petitioning the court to initiate the probate; helping to inventory, appraise, and safeguarding assets; contacting and paying creditors of the estate; preparing an accounting and report of the probate administration for review by the court and beneficiaries; and petitioning the court to authorize distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

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