Elder couple looking at documents

There is a common misconception that estate planning and legacy planning are the same things. Alternatively, some people assume that you can use one and ignore the other. As much as they are different things, they go hand in hand. Both of them are aimed at making arrangements for the future in case of death or incapacity. An estate planning attorney in Lakeport can help you understand how each of these work and how they are intertwined.

What Is Estate Planning?
Estate planning often focuses on your assets and how they will be distributed. The process entails creating documents that state how assets will be distributed as well as stating a person’s final wishes. Although not limited to, estate planning includes:

  • Power of attorney;
  • Advance directive;
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts;
  • Designated Death Beneficiary forms; and
  • Last will and testament

In estate planning, individuals need to consider all their assets and how they will be managed (incapacity) and distributed (death). A will and trust estate planning lawyer will be able to help you with all of this.

Legacy Planning
Legacy planning goes a step further beyond estate planning and attaches some personal touches to your estate planning document. For example, one can use legacy planning to ensure certain family needs are taken care of, such as childcare, education, and pet care. Some of the things included in legacy planning are as follows:

  • Philanthropy/Values;
  • Heirlooms and mementos; and
  • Passion, values, and philosophies.

An attorney can help you plan for the future needs of your family, and the legacy you want to leave them.

Getting an Attorney
Each person has their own unique estate planning goals. The same applies to legacy planning, where each person has specific values to pass down. That is why you need an attorney for your particular situation. A skilled legacy planning attorney in California will know the ins and outs of estate planning and be able to help you with both of these. They will help draw the papers, advise you, update your wishes when needed.


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